Update about Covid-19 crisis and our transport management

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The situation is escalating again across Europe. Despite this, the restrictions are not at the level we saw this spring and we still manage to maintain largely normal activity.
There is still a focus on hygiene rules and other government-imposed recommendations and orders.

Our transport lines

European trucking

When it comes to our transport lines in Europe, this now goes largely as normal in collaboration with our good partners.

Contact our car department for more information on specific needs: road@sr-group.no

Global ocean / train transport

Overseas, capacity is still somewhat reduced due to declining volumes and closed ports / borders. Furthermore, rates are under pressure and a lack of capacity can lead to higher rates than has been common in recent times.

Train traffic between EUR-ASIA is largely normal and activity is almost normal in most regions of China.

Shortsea operates as normal.

Contact our ocean department for further information regarding specific needs – ocean@sr-group.no


There are still constant cancellations and redundancies with the airlines that also affect air freight, both nationally and internationally!

Here you will find IATA’s update on the status of air traffic in the individual countries!

Many of the scheduled passenger routes are still canceled. This still reduces capacity sharply, which in turn results in higher rates.

Capacity problems will still lead to delayed delivery – it therefore pays to be out well in advance.

Handling at airports is also somewhat slower than normal.

Domestic traffic air traffic runs at a greatly reduced capacity, which can extend the transport time and it also puts rates under pressure.


We maintain our intervention measures internally with the aim of reducing the risk of infection and we of course loyally follow up our customers’ regulations in relation to measures to limit infection.

We are always ready to carry out your assignment with our own capacity whenever possible.

For larger transports and projects where a boat can be an alternative, our company Gesi Shipping AS has the opportunity to assist – contact shipping@gesi.no

Contact our inland department for more information regarding specific needs: booking@sr-group.no  or foresporsel@sr-group.no

Time-critical shipments – special solutions

If you have special time-critical shipments or special needs, we can assist with various charter or courier solutions both by sea, airplane and car.

For specific inquiries contact global@sr-group.no


The Customs Service reports that all customs offices.

Currency exchange rates

There is still great unrest in the financial markets, which has led to record-weak levels for the Norwegian krone in relation to EUR, DKK, SEK and USD. This means that our costs in EUR, USD, SEK and DKK have increased significantly.

We therefore feel compelled to introduce a currency surcharge on all our shipping for all offers made by us, which have not been invoiced. In practice, this means that all assignments along the way will receive a currency surcharge. This will take care of shipments with a long transit time.

The currency surcharge is of course only added to the part of the cost that originates from a foreign currency. The supplement may vary depending on the exchange rates and the currency in question. Alternatively, we can offer customers who come with new assignments invoicing in foreign currency. We strongly apologize for the challenges this entails for all of you, but can assure you that we will do our utmost to bring the goods to the benefit of our customers.


We can ensure that we focus on getting through this crisis in a good way and also help our customers meet their delivery needs to the greatest possible extent.

Our dedicated staff will work to find good solutions if possible and we will continue to deliver in line with our vision: «Best in quality and service» even during this crisis!

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