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Supply Chain Management

SR Group could be your logistics department!

If you subscribe to our Supply Chain Management service, SR Group can take responsibility for all or part of your logistics chain. Benefits include freeing up internal resources and achieving a highly integrated cooperation with in-house personnel and integrated ERP systems. This service is very popular among companies that want to focus on their core business.

SR Group has a pool of more than 40 people working in-house for our customers either as advisors, coordinators or as warehouse employees. Experienced personnel and good support solutions are one of the keys to achieving optimum efficiency. If you choose to outsource your supply chain management to us, SR Group will also take responsibility for operating warehouses and monitoring all deliveries. Third Party Logistics is part of the Lean Philosophy and is by many described as the most cost-effective way to handle logistics.

Logistics are our specialty. Let us help you with your logistics!

  • Project management
  • Hire in expertise
  • Consulting
  • Security advisors

How can we help?

Our dedicated personnel are standing by to respond to your enquiries 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.


Did you know ...

15 tonn

We have the capacity to transport over 15,000 tonnes of freight every day, all across Norway.

400 oppdrag
We make more than 400 road transport deliveries throughout Norway every day.
Klokken 10
We always deliver by 10:00 am on the delivery date.
Klokken 14
We are the only logistics company with a booking deadline of 2 pm
We serve all offshore supply bases daily.
Our general cargo system ensures the efficient flow of goods to all destinations throughout the entire country


Low loaders
Light haulage couriers
Jumbo curtain-side semitrailers
Extendable semitrailers
Side-loaders and chassis
Tankers and pumpers
Special curtain-side semitrailers

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Supply chain management

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