Send your transport assignment directly to our system!

The SR Group web portal is very easy to use, enables full track & trace and acts as a document portal with full overview of all orders and movements. It should be easy both to order and manage transport from SR Group!

Our computer systems simplify the ordering, organization and documentation of logistics.

Through our web solution, assignments can be registered electronically, at the same time as the customer himself achieves full history on freight certificate archive, tour information and choice of transport solution. The solution is free for SR Group customers and reduces the need for mail and telephone. At the same time, there is a full track & trace overview on our web solution, where you have access to all movements and registrations to the order.

The solution is very user-friendly and clear. In addition, all car shipments can be tracked with our “map view”, which really shows the position of cars. Never before has it been easier to have full control of the shipments!

  • Web booking
  • Track & trace
  • Map view
  • Online Toll portal
  • Online Toll portal
  • Electronic document archive

Easy registration of pick-up and delivery addresses.

Enter the desired pick-up time and delivery time.

Direct access to track & trace, and e-mail address to order processor.

Full overview of orders based on time, order or PO.

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