Air freight

SR Group handles air freight nationally and globally.

Air freight Norway

SR Group has a good overview of and access to all daily flights and our staff can optimise lead times based on your needs. We use all airlines offering domestic flights, which allows us to choose the most cost-effective and quickest departures available.

Our team is responsible for the entire transport chain from pickup at the customer’s premises to delivery to the door at the destination. We make it easy and safe to send air cargo. We know that prices can vary greatly depending on the departure time, and it is our job to find the best shipment solution to meet your requirements and expectations.

Our air freight team works closely with our road transport team, which can consolidate shipments to reduce costs or mobilise vehicles for urgent shipments.

Air freight international

SR Group has a separate international shipping division for destinations worldwide.

SR Group is member of IATA, which means we can book air freight directly with all airlines represented in the Norwegian market

With smart solutions for faster performance, we can also book air freight directly even from the Norwegian airports where we are not present.

To maintain the highest possible security in air transport, SR Group is registered with the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority as a “Regulated Agent” for security validation. This enables us to provide a secure transport chain in combination with our drivers with security clearance, secure terminals and Known Consignor status. Once these criteria have been fulfilled, we can deliver shipments as “secure”, which in turn reduces security clearance charges, shortens deadlines and helps prevent delays at airports.

SR Group offers cost-saving cargo consolidation services and urgent shipments to the airport or recipient of your choice, as well as special shipments such as dangerous goods, hand-carry on board courier service, air charters and project cargo.

Global logistics

SR Group offers global “door-to-door” deliveries to all international destinations.

SR Group is a partner in the CEVA network, which gives us access to offices in more than 170 countries, allowing us to offer precision logistics for both air and sea freight.

The local offices ensure that customs clearance is carried out correctly and that the local delivery follows your requirements for the destination and delivery time. This system ensures that our deliveries always follow Norwegian requirements for quality and service, and guarantees compliance with international guidelines for ethics and labour requirements.

Wherever in the world your equipment going to or coming from – we’ll be with you all the way!


CEVA is one of the world’s leading logistics companies, offering point-to-point design, implementation and operational expertise within freight forwarding – contracts, transportation management and distribution. CEVA tailors its services to each customer based on their unique needs, with expertise built on extensive experience in the energy sector.

CEVA is an unlisted company owned by Apollo Management LP, one of the world’s leading private investment companies. More than 51,000 employees serve a global network with facilities in over 170 countries. CEVA’s team of energy sector specialists supply a wide range of global solutions, from air charters to scheduled flights, sea transport and logistics for road transport, along the entire supply chain to the final delivery. Standardised procedures based on global best practices ensure unparalleled service and efficiency.

High level of service for imports from and exports to Brazil.

SR Group was challenged by Norwegian oil and gas customers in the early 2000s. With increasing interest in Brazil, demands for a local presence and many new oil discoveries, SR Group was also asked to provide services to Brazil.

As a result, we established a partnership with Nicomex. Together, SR Group and Nicomex can offer “door-to-door” air and sea freight solutions to all major destinations in Brazil.

Nicomex has unique experience and expertise in customs clearance. Along with SR Group’s international freight forwarding team, we deliver a product with strong references and precision deliveries. Our ambition has always been for our customers to experience the same levels of service and quality in connection with Brazil as they are accustomed to with other destinations.

An integrated partnership and strict procedures have allowed us to offer a high level of service for Brazilian imports and exports.

Grupo Nicomex

Nicomex is a well-respected and experienced company operating in the Brazilian international trade market since 1926. Nicomex provides freight forwarding and customs clearance services focused on meeting the needs of the oil and gas industry. All their services are transparent in line with FCPA “Compliance & Anti-Corruption Policies”.

Since 2000, Nicomex has been developing their “Smart Express” service, an exclusive international courier service designed to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. Specialised customs clearance experts contribute to efficient processing and fast deliveries across borders.

With their extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the rules of international trade, Nicomex can offer fast freight and efficient customs clearance.

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