Road transport – Europe

SR Group can transport your goods to any European destination.

Through our partnership with Lubbers, we have established European bases in Aberdeen, Esbjerg and Schoonebeek. SR Group offers a number of weekly departures to each base to ensure predictable and cost-effective logistics.

SR Group is one of Norway’s largest providers of transport services to Aberdeen and Esbjerg . These bases enable us to provide personalised service wherever your goods are coming from or going to – for all European destinations. All Norwegian import/export traffic is controlled by SR Group’s team in Norway, which ensures good control and management of all shipments.

Short lead times and scheduled departures often make road transport a good alternative to air transport. We also offer several weekly departures for air cargo from Norway, with direct routes to all major European airports to optimise delivery times. We have highly reliable solutions all across Europe for express shipments, dangerous goods and special transport.

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SR Group offers terminal services, warehousing and customs clearance in all of the European countries where we operate.


SR Group established its partnership with Lubbers in the early 1990s. Since then our partnership has evolved to become a market-leading solution for Norwegian oil and gas companies dealing with European imports and exports. Together, we have optimised our resource usage to achieve cost-effectiveness for our customers. As part of this partnership, we have integrated our departments to ensure the free-flow of communication and instructions across all national borders and to safeguard and control our customers’ goods.

Lubbers is founded on the same values as SR Group and specialises in international transport services for the oil and gas industry. As a quality-driven company, Lubbers has a clear focus on customer service. Lubbers has 13 bases across Europe, strategically located to serve the oil and gas industry: in the UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Romania, Poland and Turkey.

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Road transport – Europe

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