Project and naval operations

SR Group has extensive experience in the Marine Agency, including rig relocation, charter vessels and other services.

We have been involved in several processes within storage, reactivation and scraping, in addition to the more traditional transfers. Our dedicated teams assist the customer and ensure that regulations and requirements are met, and correct reporting to the authorities.

As a one-stop-shop, SR Group performs all services both on land and during sailing. One of our strengths is our ability to play on our own teams such as Supply Chain Management, forwarding and domestic and international road freight to assist with any additional needs that tend to arise along the way.

The customer will be assigned an appointed contact person in SR Group who has overall responsibility for all operations to be carried out. This way, the customer can focus on their core business

We can offer


Rig, vessel and freight clearance in Norway and internationally

Waste management, tax, reporting and planning
Operations and services at the port
Hire of vessels such as PSV, tugs and AHV
Project management and crew change.
Anker survey
Rig stocking and scraping
Assistance in purchasing and delivering equipment and catering

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Project and naval operations

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