Air freight – Norway

SR Group handles domestic air freight throughout the country.

SR Group has a good overview of and access to all daily flights and our staff can optimise lead times based on your needs. We use all airlines offering domestic flights, which allows us to choose the most cost-effective and quickest departures available.

Our team is responsible for the entire transport chain from pickup at the customer’s premises to delivery to the door at the destination. We make it easy and safe to send air cargo. We know that prices can vary greatly depending on the departure time, and it is our job to find the best shipment solution to meet your requirements and expectations.

Our air freight team works closely with our road transport team, which can consolidate shipments to reduce costs or mobilise vehicles for urgent shipments.

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Our dedicated personnel are standing by to respond to your enquiries 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

Did you know ...

15 tonn

We have the capacity to transport over 15,000 tonnes of freight every day, all across Norway.

400 oppdrag
We make more than 400 road transport deliveries throughout Norway every day.
Klokken 10
We always deliver by 10:00 am on the delivery date.
Klokken 14
We are the only logistics company with a booking deadline of 2 pm
We serve all offshore supply bases daily.
Our general cargo system ensures the efficient flow of goods to all destinations throughout the entire country
Fly rundt jorden
As a Known Consignor, you can have your goods declared as “secured cargo”. This prevents goods from being rejected and eliminates screening fees. You also benefit from shorter deadlines and are less at risk for delays.
Box pil ned
When sending equipment with lithium batteries by air freight, the packaging must be marked with a hazard label. It is important to notify of any such contents when you make your booking.

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Air freight – Norway

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