The logistics industry has experienced significant development in recent years, and there are constantly new demands for innovation and environmentally friendly solutions.

As one of Norway's largest privately-owned logistics companies, we have a responsibility and are actively working to reduce our environmental footprint.

We have targeted efforts towards the UN's sustainable development goals and are focused on addressing the needs of people living today, without destroying future generations' opportunities to meet their own needs. The sustainable development goals reflect the three dimensions of sustainable development: climate and environment, economy, and social conditions.

Som en del av vår klima- og utslippsreduksjonsplan og miljøansvar, er vi fokusert på å redusere vårt karbonavtrykk og dekarbonisere sin lastebilflåte. Derfor har vi signert en intensjonsavtale for levering av opptil 50 hydrogendrevne lastebiler i perioden 2024-2027.

The truck sector currently accounts for 6% of total European CO2 emissions. The long-range and fast refueling capabilities of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles represent zero-emission technology that enables us to meet end-users' operational needs in long-haul and heavy truck sectors. This partnership enables us to provide zero-emission truck solutions.

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