The Kristiansund division of SR Group has offices in Maskinveien at Løkkemyra – central to all oil-related activities in Kristiansund.

Telephone: 71 58 87 77

Visting address:
Maskinveien 1, 6517 Kristiandsund N

The division was established in 1974 – then as Waage Transport AS – and provides comprehensive logistics operations, focusing on transport, freight forwarding and SCM services for major customers in the oil industry.

In addition to transport to and from the offshore supply base, they have a lot of local business in the Kristiansund area. In addition to semitrailers, heavy transport vehicles and courier services, we also have a large number of crane vehicles of various sizes.

Avdelingen i Kristiansund har kranbiler med kapasitet fra 27 til 92 tonn, med inntil 34 meters rekkevidde. Vi har også mobilkraner for større typer krantjenester.

I tillegg har vi stor kompetanse på vanskelige oppdrag og kan bidra med rådgiving og konsulenttjenester samt gjennomføring av mer komplekse operasjoner.

Våre andre lokasjoner


The administration and operations department in Stavanger are gathered in Tananger - close to the international harbor and the oil bases.


SR Group and Total Transport Bergen has 350 m² of offices, 1000 m² of indoor storage and about 3000 m² of outdoor storage area.


At Mongstad base, SR Group has 1,000 sqm indoor storage and 5,000 sqm outdoors.


SR Group AS Dept. of Oslo is located in Bragesveg 8 in Gardermoen Business Park at Oslo Airport.


We have several weekly departures both ways with equipment well adapted to the oil and gas industry, both open and closed vehicles.

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